We partner early.
We support the journey.

Growth should be well-planned, swift and thoroughly enjoyable. That isn’t just our core belief, its our core focus.

Neil Gardiner
Managing Director

We're deliberately different, because someone needs to be.

N17 was created to help great ideas become an enduring success. We support passionate people in delivering their purpose, and we do it well.

Right from the outset, we should probably tell you that we say “No” a lot more than we say “Yes”, and you should too.

You should say no to “mentors” who can’t quickly comprehend and then articulate what you are all about, to “consultants” who want a transactional relationship and run a mile from committing to outcomes, to “investors” who want you to pitch cold from arms-length and only want to join the party when success is already guaranteed.

We might say “No” to a lot of ideas, but we won’t to the chance to have an initial chat. Why? Because not only are we nice people but we always wonder how many great ideas never had a chance to breathe. How many great ideas were so poorly executed the “great” part was never realised? How many great people missed their chance to simply get started and make a real difference?

Our first answer is always “Yes”, we are up for a chat. If it turns out that we love your vision, the likelihood is that you will hear that word a lot more often as we open up our network, offer up our expertise and provide our time to work with you on the journey.

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Real difference comes from belief and execution. You won’t go far wrong if you can commit to knowing yourself, developing yourself, believing in yourself and surrounding yourself with others who you believe in.
Neil Gardiner
Managing Director
Bex Gardiner
Operations Director
Jerome Iveson
Consulting Director
Seb Hatton
Consulting Director
Matt Wade
Consulting Director
Dan Dixon



Contrary to popular belief, consultancy isn’t about copying and pasting suggestions, it is about asking the right questions. The proper process helps to map out product/service positioning, market positioning and operational structure along with funding and strategic requirements.


No-one can do it all single-handed. Success in a nutshell is about bringing together the right people and the right processes. Understanding how and when to do each of those things effectively is paramount.


Knowing what to do and doing it are two different things. Understanding the constants and accounting for the variables in your delivery is what sets great organisations apart from all the others.


Ideas and solutions fixed on current limitations (real or perceived) are not the way to go. Understanding just how far and wide your impact could reach, then finding the ways to make it happen, is what we are all about.


Digital Health | Sleepstation is a market leading sleep improvement programme, providing services to the NHS along with some of the UK’s leading charitable organisations and the world’s largest employers. Live in 43 countries, helping thousands of individuals per month.
Network Effects | GiveToLocal is an innovator and disruptor in the fundraising sector, helping thousands of sports clubs access sustainable funding while helping boost local economies and encouraging corporates to give back. 60,000 teams in 21 sports.
Fintech | Fintegrate reduces time overhead, cost and improves compliance for the UK’s IFA sector. Working with the leading tech houses in the sector and some of the largest networks in the country. Designed to scale quickly and disrupt a market

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